Scared of semen and bodily fluids

Being scared of semen and bodily fluids affects some of us with OCD/Anxiety including myself. Its an irrational fear but one that is difficult to control as with all matters regarding OCD and anxiety. Below I share my story on my experiences with this fear My Story It all started when I hit puberty and […]

Stomach problems with anxiety

Issues with your stomach related to anxiety It’s common to have issues with your stomach related to anxiety. I remember when I was in school as a teenager I was constantly back and forth to the toilet because my anxiety was always so high. My anxiety caused me to sit on the toilet for hours […]

Am I a Pedophile. POCD(Pedophile OCD)

So you have just asked yourself the question “Am I a Pedophile” I can’t tell you if you are a pedophile or not but what I can tell you about is POCD(Pedophile OCD). What is POCD? POCD or Pedophile OCD is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where an individual has convinced himself he is […]